Now What About You?

For those deciding which design firm to work with, we feel it is important to choose someone who will listen to your needs and concerns. We are very passionate about the work we do and only want to work with small to medium-sized, non-profit and for-profit businesses that feel the same about the work they do.

We want to work with folks who:

– are confident and trust that we know design and with that knowledge can help them move forward with their goals.

– have great and exiting ideas and products and trust us to create and implement designs to promote those products and services.

– do what they do best and trust us to do the same – market their products and services.

Existing Companies:

If you have been in business for quite a while you have most likely perfected your product and optimized the services you offer. Often while working so hard doing what you do best your promotional materials, inadvertently neglected, may have a “tired” look. Some common items that need a refresh are:

– logo (is it saved in various file types for various uses, are you consistent with color, etc.)

– website (does your site have an updated look, current content, is it set for highest SEO (search engine optimization)

– collateral materials (brochures, business cards, rack cards etc…)

If you need a refresh, we would like to meet with you ,revi ew your “visual history”, and suggest a plan of action.

New Companies:

If you are new to business, let us help you start on the right foot. It all starts with a great logo to “brand” your concept.

A great logo is a springboard for all – and the start to reaching those you’ll serve.

Give a call and we will be glad to meet with you to discuss your new venture.